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Pathologies treated:

Painful diabetic neuropathies

FREMS™ Technology

FREMS™ therapy promotes the improvement of tactile sensitivity in limbs affected by neuropathy and the reduction of painful symptoms both daily and nocturnal, thus allowing a better quality of life, better walking and better nighttime restorations. These results last up to 4 months, after which it is recommended to repeat a course of therapy.

Cutaneous Ulcers

Frems™ Technology

FREMS™ Therapy is effective in the treatment of cutaneous ulcers of various etiology, as it reduces pain (in the presence of painful symptoms) and promotes granulation and re-epithelialization of tissues by increasing the synthesis of vascular tissue growth factors.

Low Back Pain

Frems™ Technology

FREMS™ therapy promotes the reduction of pain on the affected nerves and has an anti-inflammatory and decontracting effect on the vertebral muscles involved. The benefits can already be obtained in the first session.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Frems™ Technology

FREMS™ therapy promotes, in addition to the reduction of pain, the reduction of skin paresthesias on the fingers and delays or prevents surgery.

Muscoloscheletric pain & motor or equilibrium disorders associated with them

LibraLux Technology

LibraLux, restoring the correct “respiratory” cycle of the extracellular matrix proteins, is suitable for the specific treatment of musculoskeletal pains in the different body districts and of the motor or balance disorders associated with them, with immediate evidence of the decrease/disappearance of the pain and the obvious functional benefit.

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