C3, C5 PLUS & C7

The ideal tool for the physiotherapist

Ultrasound imaging is a tool that expands the physiotherapist’s evaluative skills both during the first visit, a fundamental moment to plan the correct therapeutic / rehabilitative path, and during the path itself, allowing a monitoring of the treated area and the effectiveness of the treatments. It also allows to accurately find the location of the problem and is an excellent tool for data collection in research work. The ultrasound system is therefore not used to diagnose or report but is useful for the rapid, safe and non-invasive assessment of the affected tissues.

In the pre / post – sales phase, Fremslife organizes various training courses, aimed at physiotherapists and taught by expert teachers, in order to be able to use the tool correctly. Each course consists of a theoretical session and a practical one, where the physiotherapist will use an ultrasound system and will put into practice what has just been learnt.

Fremslife is the exclusive distributor of ANASONIC ultrasounds in italy, characterized by an excellent quality / price ratio and easy portability.

The Device

The Device

The Device

The Device


As a new member of AnaSonic portable color Doppler ultrasound family, C3 is a compact and ultra-light ultrasound system which has taken into consideration all the necessary clinic requirements and needs in order to enable ultrasound users to provide better patient care.


12.1” Medical LCD Display

Dual Probe Connectors

IO Ports: S-VIDEO, Printing, LAN, Footswitch, 2 x USB, VGA

Massive Storage: 500G Hard Disk

Weight: Less than 5 KGs

Language: Chinese/English/German/Spanish/French/Russian/Czech

Built-in Workstation for Patient Data Management

DICOM 3.0 Supported

Auto IMT Measurement

Automatically traces the intima and measure its thickness which allows one to measure the intima faster and more accurately.


Triplex combines B, C with PW to help users in making a more accurate diagnosis.

Imaging Technology

Spatial Compound Imaging & Frequency Compound Imaging

Phase-inversion Harmonic Imaging


Multi-beam Formation Technology

Multi-focus Emission

Speckle Reduction Technology

Convex Expansion Imaging

Clinical Applications

Panoramic Imaging

Multiple Imaging Modes: B/C/M/PW/PDI/Directional PDI/Triplex/Anatomic M

Auto Measurement of Intima-media Thickness (IMT)

The Device

C5 Plus

CFM portable ultrasound system


Quality for everyone

Imaging Tecnology

High precision dynamic focus imaging

Spatial compound imaging

Multi-Beam technology


Refined design and easy handling allow easy transport.

Probe Option

Cvx – Microconvex – Linear – Endocavitary

The Device


CFM portable ultrasound system


The best technology for uncompromising quality.

Imaging Technology

Phase-inversion harmonic imaging + frequency compound imaging. Ensures excellent penetration and more delicate 2D images.

Spatial compound imaging. Compounds the images taken from multiple scanning angles to reduce artifact noise and improve image quality.

Speckle reduction technology. Reduces speckle noise to improve image quality.

Multiple Imaging Modes. B / C / PW /PDI / M mode, Duplex & Triplex Imaging, Wide-angle Steer Scanning Imaging, Panoramic Imaging, Trapezoid Imaging, Anatomic M mode, Color M Mode, Tissue Doppler Imaging, 3D/4D Imaging.

Doppler Enhancement Technology. Effectively suppresses color Doppler flashing noise to improve the resolution and sensitivity of color flow.

Multi-Beam Formation Technology. Increases time resolution and frame rate.

Auto Measurement of Intima-media Thickness (IMT). Easy operation improves work efficiency.

One-key Image Optimization. Automatically adjusts imaging parameters to optimize images with one key.

Wide range of transducers

Cvx – Phased array – Microconvex – Linear up to 15 Mhz – Endocavitaries / Endovaginal