Invest with us in Fremslife

FREMSLIFE has opened an equity crowfunding campaign on the portal which is authorized by CONSOB.
This fund raising campaign is part of a project of great development and expansion of the company, which foresees significant investments in R&D and commercial openings in important foreign markets such as USA, CHINA and RUSSIA.
FREMSLIFE is registered in the national register of innovative start-ups and whoever invests in FREMSLIFE crowdfunding (under the Italian tax regime) can take advantage of a tax deduction equal to 40% of the invested capital (eg: € 10,000 investment, income tax deduction € 4,000).

Available documents

You can request one of the following documents by filling out the request form:

  • Atto Costitutivo
  • Business Plan
  • Delibera Aumento di Capitale
  • Documento Informativo Investitore – Allegato 3
  • Fascicolo depositato relativo al Bilancio
  • Patti Parasociali
  • Pitch
  • Statuto Sociale
  • Valutazione Premoney
  • Visura Camerale dell’azienda

Request documents


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