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Fremslife and the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT): an important partnership for FREMS® electrostimulation and intelligent materials for future technologies in the medical field has been launched

Genova, 13 May 2019 – Yesterday the agreement signed by FREMSLife with IIT was set in motion. The aim is to experiment new frontiers in the treatment of cutaneous wounds or ulcers, combining the technology developed by Fremslife (electrostimulation) with intelligent materials deriving from the IIT Smart Materials research line. The collaboration provides for the validation of the synergy between FREMS® and IIT technologies.

IIT has been carrying out research in the field of innovative materials for a long time and has recently chosen to also undertake the bio-medical and pharmaceutical sector. In particular, researchers from the Smart Materials research line have demonstrated that starting from algae and other vegetable waste, it is possible to obtain biocompatible, 100% biodegradable, intelligent materials that maintain the biomedical intrinsic properties (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory). At the same time the researchers at the IIT Pharmacology facility tested the biocompatibility of the finished material and the maintenance of the biomedical properties, reaching the conclusion that these new materials can be exploited in the pharmaceutical field as a medical surgical device, in the form of plasters.

Hence the possibility of increasing the prospects for use, thanks to the Frems® technology which is already adopted in clinical settings, to achieve the goal of significantly accelerating wound healing times.

IIT, thanks to the technology transfer activity, since 2006 has deposited more than 700 active patent titles, established 18 startups (plus more than 30 others in the launching phase) and has signed over 400 collaborations with industrial counterparts.


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