Fremslife makes its debut: electroceuticals as the new integrated solution from research to rehabilitation

On 3 November at Milanello Sports Centre, the historical AC Milan training ground, Fremslife made its official debut in the biomedical field, when it unveiled its innovative, integrated solution for physiotherapy, functional rehabilitation and the treatment and reduction of pain in neurovascular conditions, using therapeutic and diagnostic programmes centred on Electroceuticals.

Fremslife is a new company specialising in Electroceuticals, or Bioelectronic Medicine, which uses electric stimulation to influence and modify body functions.

As Renzo Muzi, Fremslife Marketing and Business Development General Manager explained in his introductory report, the new company is developed over three macroareas: research and development in the new Electroceuticals field; the development of technologies based on the results of national and international research and trials and combining therapeutic and diagnostic systems to measure the results.

The fully-comprehensive Fremslife solution has been developed to cover a continuous cycle, from scientific research to education in order to achieve prevention and therefore focus on reducing pain, an essential basis for rehabilitation. Each point of this strategy converges on the aim of allowing professionals to deliver certified and measurable results.

Fremslife engineer, Mr. Isani discussed the main points of this new science known as Electroceuticals, explaining that it consists in delivering special electrical impulses to specific nerve fibres that, by activating cerebral circuits, allow interaction with tissues and organs in order to treat various medical conditions.

FREMS™ technology, for example, makes available therapeutic solutions that are already based on clinical evidence to improve the pain symptoms of peripheral diabetic symptomatic neuropathies, with or without vascular disease and the reduction of healing times in chronic skin sores.

In a more in-depth medical presentation, Prof. Rossi, lecturer in physiotherapy and rehabilitation at Sapienza University of Rome, defined Electroceuticals as working directly on our body’s electrical activity to identify the neurons responsible for pain, inflammation and other conditions and influence them directly with particular sequences of electrical stimuli.
He explained that FREMS™ is the only form of electrical neurostimulation that guarantees a fast-acting analgesic action in patients with acute or chronic radiculopathy and it is a valid alternative to pharmacological treatment. It can be used in synergy with all the other methods of rehabilitation at our disposal and, on occasions, it is a valid alternative.

Dr. G. Bernabei of Centro RRF Fisiocrea, focussed on another innovative Fremslife technology, Motion Tecar, the only technique in the Tecar therapy sector that makes it possible to combine manual therapy with the use of a radiofrequency generator, presenting great advantages for the patient, especially by reducing the time needed for functional recovery.
He also showed that the combined use of technologies such as Motion Tecar and Frems significantly improves the efficacy of therapeutic treatments on many musculoskeletal conditions, presenting clinical cases of surprising success in accordance with evidence-based medicine.
Rossi concluded by pointing out that “Therapists will play a fundamental role as they become the operative arm of the specialist and, where necessary, are also able to help the specialist, during the development of the therapeutic programme, should difficulties arise in achieving healing results in patients.

The day ended with a presentation by Prof. E. Bosi, head of the Diabetology Unit at San Raffaele Hospital of Milan, who focussed on the use of FREMSTM in the neurovascular field, presenting the results of scientific and clinical research, and illustrating its effectiveness with both therapeutic and analgesic effects in the acute phase of illnesses such as painful diabetic neuropathies of the lower limbs and treatment of neuroischemic sores.

The launch of Fremslife closed with a question and answer session and a visit to the Milanello Sports Centre facilities to discover the training methods and instruments utilised by AC Milan football club.

The presentation of Fremslife was the concrete result of its mission: to follow and study the most recent scientific evolutions to combine scientific and business innovation. The aim is to guarantee results in order to improve quality of life.



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