eMotion Tecar: Beyond Heat
The technology that overcomes the limitations of traditional tecar therapy

The Technology

The Device

The Applications

The Technology

The effect of biostimulation of tissues, fundamental for the therapeutic efficacy of diathermy, is not only linked to the development of heat, but also to the exposure of tissues to an electromagnetic field capable of interacting with cells and their metabolism.


For this to happen, a voltage higher than 100 V is required which, in order to cross the cell membrane, must be modulated at frequencies of the order of hundreds of KHz.


With traditional devices for tecartherapy (which regulate power through voltage regulation), when this value of about 100 V is reached, overheating of tissues develops simultaneously and is often not tolerated by patients.


eMOTION TECAR overcomes this limit thanks to a particular modulation of the electromagnetic field, succeeding in developing the maximum biostimulation of the tissues without generating an annoying heat for the patients.

PWM (Pulsed Width Modulation) Technology

The generated signal is a sine wave with frequency 450 KHz / 680KHz and always maximum voltage. This wave is modulated with a square wave with a constant repetition frequency and a variable duration.
The power delivered is precisely regulated by means of the Duty Cycle (TON / T). This technology drastically reduces the dissipated power, thus allowing the generation of heat to be maintained at a level that is tolerable for the patient but without limiting the power supplied.

PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) Technology

The transmitted PWM signal that is modulated in “packets” of low-frequency pulses (hundreds of Hz) activates the respiratory mechanisms of the cells, promoting the metabolic reactions and the proliferation and differentiation of fibroblasts, which stimulate the processes of tissue repair (Nikolaev 1984).

PHASE LOCK Technology

The working frequency of 450 KHz / 680KHz automatically adjusts (+/- 10%) to variations in the impedance of the tissue so as to reach the resonance condition that optimizes the interaction and energy transfer.

The tension applied by eMotion Tecar allows to exploit the phenomenon of cutaneous electroporation to favor the absorption of active ingredients by the tissues underlying the treated area. It is in fact a real mesotherapy with the advantage that the one provided by emotion tecar has a more homogeneous distribution of the active ingredient over the treated area and a better absorption of the same through the appropriate control of the delivered power.

MT100, Fremslife, tecnology for health, dispositivi per la salute e il benessere, Genova


MT100, Fremslife, tecnology for health, dispositivi per la salute e il benessere, Genova

Square wave duty cycle

In this way, by graduating the heat supply alongside the biostimulation effect, which is always present, the vasomotor phenomena which are secondary to the application of heat appear, maximizing the interaction with the tissues and the therapeutic effect. In addition to traditional heat treatments, it is also possible to carry out athermic treatments while maintaining an excellent effect of biostimulation of the tissues.


Static electrodes: The physiotherapist at the center of the treatment
eMotion Tecar allows you to work both with traditional electrodes (capacitive and resistive, manually moved by the therapist) or with static electrodes (capacitive and resistive, applied on the patient), allowing the operator to have his hands free and combine the analgesic effect and tissue biostimulation with manipulation techniques, mobilization and osteopathy (hence the name eMotion Tecar, patient in motion), thus promoting a better synergy therapist / technology and speeding up the functional recovery of the injured party.


Possibility of combining both active and passive manual therapy and instrumental therapy.

Possibility to perform treatments on the column with a patient in a supine position, particularly indicated in acute conditions.

Possibility to perform treatments in independent operator mode, increasing the productivity of the Center and reducing the time commitment of the operator next to the patient.

MT100, Fremslife, tecnology for health, dispositivi per la salute e il benessere, Genova

Operator Independent Treatment

MT100, Fremslife, tecnology for health, dispositivi per la salute e il benessere, Genova

Treatments on the spinal column

MT100, Fremslife, tecnology for health, dispositivi per la salute e il benessere, Genova

Manual therapy

MT100, Fremslife, tecnology for health, dispositivi per la salute e il benessere, Genova

Instrumental therapy

The Device


4 Outputs: neutral - dynamic electrodes (res / cap) - static electrodes (res / cap) with automatic recognition

2 Working frequencies: 450Khz and 680KHz

Output power: RES 220 W RMS (450 KHz, 100 Ω) / 300 W RMS (680 KHz, 100 Ω) - CAP 250 W RMS (450 KHz & 680 KHz, 500 Ω)

Power regulation (duty cycle): 5-100% with 1% step

Safety: control of the parameters of delivered current, detachment of patient electrodes, anomalies of the system with automatic suspension of supply in case of exceeding the safety limits

Dimensions and Weight: H = 210, L = 430, P = 400 (mm), 12 Kg

Display: 7 ``color touchscreen


Functional features

Instant Measurement Power and Impedance.

PWM, PEMF, Phase Lock mode.

Automatic use protocols and customizable programs.


Capacitive electrode kit: Short-type capacitive handpiece, Capacitive electrode kit ø20-40-60-80 mm.

Resistive electrode kit: Short-style resistive handpiece, Resistive electrode kit ø20-40-60-80 mm.

Static electrode kit: Large / small / spinal static electrode.

Large / small / spinal resistive static electrode.

Neutral electrode kit: Neutral plate with cable, 15 single-use return electrodes.

2 piston rings (1500 mm - 600 mm)

Patient safety button

3 packs of cream (1Kg)

The advantages

In addition to a better THERAPEUTIC EFFICACY, guaranteed by an efficient biostimulation of tissues and greater freedom for the physiotherapist in the choice of rehabilitation paths (2 work frequencies / dynamic and static mode), the MT100 device guarantees:

REPEATABILITY of the treatment and Therapeutic Dose

In addition to the Constant Voltage, specific to the PWM modulation, MT100 also guarantees the maintenance of the constancy of the average current throughout the treatment. This ensures the control of the power delivered to the patient (THERAPEUTIC DOSE) and provides a further safety check against potentially dangerous current values.

SAFETY of the patient and the operator

The electronics of the machine provides a complete check of operation and operating conditions, allowing to detect (within 3 milliseconds) any significant deviation in the operating parameters. Particular attention has been paid to the shielding of the machine, the electrodes and the relative cables, in order to guarantee the operator’s safety with respect to the dose of electromagnetic field to which he is subjected under daily use conditions. MT100 is a medical device in class IIb.

The Applications

MT100, Fremslife, tecnology for health, dispositivi per la salute e il benessere, Genova


Osteoarticular disorders

Shoulder, ankle, knee, spine

Painful diseases

Arthrosis, lumbago and sciatica

Manual therapy and osteopathy

MT100, Fremslife, tecnology for health, dispositivi per la salute e il benessere, Genova

Post surgical rehabilitation

Re-absorption of edema

Pain relief

Healing of wounds and scars

Stimulation of healing of ligaments and tendons

Increase in bone calcification

Aesthetic medicine

Post surgery scars

MT100, Fremslife, tecnology for health, dispositivi per la salute e il benessere, Genova

Sports Medicine

Muscle oxygenation

Post-race recovery (removal of lactic acid from the muscle)

Quick elimination of contractures

Particularly suitable in the treatment of sprains, strains, tendonitis, capsulitis, bursitis, pubalgia, hematomas, edemas, meniscal and ligament injuries, dislocations and fractures

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