The Company

Fremslife is a sanitarian company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative technologies for health and well-being.
The innovative and integrated proposal that Fremslife has developed for physiotherapy, functional rehabilitation and the cure and reduction of pain in neurovascular diseases exploits the effectiveness and scientific validation of the innovative, patented and certified Frems™ technology (Frequency Rhythmic Electrical Modulation System).

The heart of Fremslife technology is FREMS™

Frems™ is the only scientifically validated neuro-stimulation that exerts an action of neo-angiogenesis by promoting the release and synthesis of vascular endothelial growth factors. Already from the first session it promotes the reduction of pain. It is ideal for treating pathologies and traumas in the acute stage, it integrates perfectly with other rehabilitation systems and provides excellent results, particularly appreciated by patients who are refractory to other therapies or treatments.
The product portfolio is completed by a device for tecar therapy, an ultra-low-power laser and a stabilometric platform.

From the idea to the patient:

Fremslife, tecnology for health, dispositivi per la salute e il benessere, Genova

Research, development and clinical validation

Fremslife, tecnology for health, dispositivi per la salute e il benessere, Genova


Fremslife, tecnology for health, dispositivi per la salute e il benessere, Genova


The integrated solution that Fremslife proposes has its foundation in scientific research, contemplates training, is oriented towards prevention and focuses on pain reduction, a fundamental premise for rehabilitation. Each point of this strategy converges towards the goal of enabling professionals to provide reliable and measurable certified results.

Fremslife’s mission is to be the bearer of new technologies, supported by the latest scientific developments, in order to ensure results that improve the quality of life.

Fremslife Certifications


EN ISO 13485


For the treatment of pain and functional recovery

Tecar Therapy

For a quick functional recovery thanks to the total man/device synergy

Laser therapy

For the treatment of musculoskeletal pain


For the evaluation of motor function and balance in standing position


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