Where do we start: with the 7 fundamental points of Fremslife

Fremslife originates from a combination of enterprise and research, with a strong identity based on our 7 principles:

  1. Fremslife means Enthusiasm, Know-how and Action.
  2. With our technologies we guarantee therapeutic results.
  3. We are a team of managers and professionals with consolidated expertise and know-how in the biomedical sector.
  4. We follow the most recent scientific developments to combine entrepreneurial and scientific innovation.
  5. We strive to lead the field in the Italian neurovascular therapy, physiotherapy and functional rehabilitation market.
  6. It is our aim to become the top suppliers of therapeutic and diagnostic pathways.
  7. We offer a complete service to all our clients, from technology to education.


The information provided on our website is supplied as a service to our clients and should not be used in place of advice and recommendations from qualified, registered medical sources. Always seek the opinion of a qualified medical professional if you believe you may be suffering from a medical condition discussed on our site.

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